2017 Foals
RGR One Tuff Illusion- colt by First Down Illusion SI 98 $500,000 and out of RGR One Tuff Hugo by Hugo Streakin and out of Jess Another Chick, Mr Jess Perry. For Sale $4000

RGR Sompin Splendid- filly by Sompin About First and out of RGR Kimbra by Dashin Is Easy out of Splendant First Down, First Down Dash. For Sale $4000
RGR Sandys Special- filly by Jess Sandy Jr and out of Down Effort by Special Effort out of Ice N Easy, First Down Dash.  SALE PENDING

RGR Wild For Coronas- colt by Kas For Corona and out of RGR Wild Berry Corona by Mr Jess Berryand out of Jennifer Hugo, Discretion Advised (Special Effort) For Sale $3500