In 1978 brothers Ross and David Hinkins, in the search for a few hunting horses, found themselves the newest owners of a pair of race bred quarter horses.   So on a whim they sent the horses to a race horse trainer to see what they were made of.  And after being informed that their newly purchased horses had 'leg problems', and couldn't move them fast enough, Ross and David were giving the opportunity to purchase a horse who became their first race winner, Havens Question.   And thats all it took to hook the brothers to quarter horse racing indefinatley.  

   And through the years their love for raising and racing quality horses has expanded into a passion that thrives a complete performance horse operation.  The Rainbow Glass Ranch, located in the Southeastern Utah, is home to over 1000 head of cattle and 200 outstanding quarter horses.  With purchases of several royally bred Broodmares and Stallions, Rainbow Glass Ranch is now one of Utah's most elite quarter horse operations. 

  With 7 Stallions standing at Stud, and over 70 Mares in foal every year, all with superior breeding, you can bet that RGR is producing some of the highest quality horses around. 

  Stallions, LuckyMe Lonely You (The Signature), Ralph Ryon (Ronas Ryon), King Aire (Dash Ta Fame),  Nashville Rising (Mr Jess Perry),  Lovin This Corona (First Down Dash) First Down Illusion (First Down Dash), Rex Hill (Jesse James Jr) and Kas For Corona (Corona Cartel) make up the Stallion line up at RGR.   The Broodmare pedigrees  includes;  Streakin Six, Dash For Cash, The Signature, Chicks Beduino, Special Effort, Ronas Ryon, Go with the Wind, First Down Dash, Lanes Leinster, Sold Short, Mr Jess Perry and First Down Dash.

  All of our two year old colts spend some time on the race track.  Currently Los Alamitos, CA is home to over 14 of our two and three year old colts.  Under trainer Adan Farias, our colts have had an impressive showcase of talent and speed and have won several races. And with the win of the Ed Burke Million Dollar Futurity, with First Down Illusion on June 19, 2010, Ross and David were named the Leading Quarter Horse Owners in the country at that time. 

   RGR bred horses are easily recognized by their display of the RGR Brand on their Left Hip. 

  The brand is of a Rainbow and a Wine Glass.

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